WORLD WEAR"Made to Measure" Custom Leather Motorcycle Race Suits

Designed by Riders for Riders

The suit that meets all your needs and demands.


Racing leathers are one of the most serious investments a rider can make. WORLD WEAR has been producing custom race suits for motorcyclists for more than 17 years.


As racers and riders, WORLD WEAR understand riders' needs and produces a wide range of leathers designed for not only for maximum safety but for comfort, venting, flexibility, durability, and style. A racer has the possibility of designing its own leathers from via a high-tech online design program that allows the use of a variety of coloring, lettering, fitting, designs and features, as well as the selecting premium cowhide or kangaroo leather. Your WORLD WEAR" Pro Racer" custom suit continues to be using the finest top grain leather available and is handcrafted alongside Worlds top Motorcycle racing.


Our safe and stylish Made-to-Measure suits are designed to meet the customer's individual request and are very comfortable to wear. Each person has a unique body type and the Made-to-Measure products will be manufactured to the customer's exact specifications. WORLD WEAR suits have a quarter century of track tested performance.


Watch: Information on the WORLD WEAR Custom Suit Program


WORLD WEAR custom leather motorcycle race suits provide you with many quality and high tech features including:


v  ASSC (Advanced Safety Seam Construction). Every WORLD WEAR suit has quadruple stitching in specific areas based on specific impact, burst, and abrasions requirements. Special "high tensile strength" nylon thread is used throughout. Please ask for a detailed design schematic showing the technical construction of our suits.

v  You can add every safety feature possible to provide as much protection with the state of the art in motorcycle suit construction. As a racer you can appreciate that World Wear suits are made with passion and without compromise. Carefully engineered with the best materials, technology, currently available.

v  Anatomically molded "multi density" CE armor in the arms, shoulders and knees/shins. The CE armor is held in a pocket where it can be removed, inspected, and replaced if necessary. This method provides a more comfortable fit and is the result of years of testing and manufacturing techniques.

v  Each suit is a unique individually custom made suit that meets your needs, your shape & size, your color, design and sponsor requirements.

v  1.2mm (body) to 1.4mm (impact areas) premium, top-grain cowhide construction for optimum protection, durability and comfort. (Kangaroo 1.1 to 1.2 mm)

v  Optional removable and washable mesh liner on premium models.

v  The suit includes extra padding in key impact areas such as the hip area that offers extra protection in this high impact / abrasion areas.

v  Our one-piece suit is an extremely well built, light weight and comfortable race suit.

v  Optional 8mm thick memory foam back protector and tail bone with the inner liner using it in the  hip areas.

v  Aerodynamic speed hump that provides extra padding.

v  Some models feature external alloy armor on shoulders and elbows which provide extra seam protection and allow the race suit to slide, not "grip and rip" in the event of an accident.

v  Optional spandex leather stretch panels (may be perforated) on upper back shoulder area for more forward range of motion.

v  Lower backs leather spandex stretch panels (may be perforated) allow a wider range of motion.

v  Calf area has Kevlar stretch panels (on the back of legs).

v  Full frontal micro-perforated leather for maximum cooling in hot and humid conditions. Air intake vents may be positioned.

v  Suits may be customized with logos, lettering patches, sponsor names and rider names.

v  Kevlar Stretch material is used in the armpits, arms, legs and crotch allows ease of movement and flexibility. Using CE rated armor in all key impact areas and incorporating oversized Kevlar stretch panels in the legs assist in less fatigue and greater maneuverability.

v  Leather expansion sections at the back for comfort and freedom of movement.

v  Moisture wicking neoprene in the collar and a portion of each cuff for maximum rider comfort.

v  Full neoprene cuff, and behind the wrist on the sleeve makes glove fit better with more comfort.

v  Pre curved panels form the arms and leg leather portion of the suit, along with stretch panels for maximum comfort on the bike.

v  Suits are available in one or two piece for road racing / track days, Super Moto, Flatrack, and Sport Riding.


WORLD WEAR have the following features:

v  The WORLD WEAR Pro Racer Leather Suit models are handmade in using the latest techniques in protective apparel manufacturing.

v  Premium cowhide or Kangaroo leather which is pre-curved ergonomic cut for maximum security, comfort and movement while racing.

v  Elastic insert on shoulders, back and knees.

v  Inside optional removable liner with elastic inserts.

v  Made-To-Measure, MADE TO FIT. (made-to-measure, custom fit, personalized colors, logos, sponsors)

v  Perforated version - Removable inner liner

We offer this suit completely customized. You can order custom color configurations, have your suit made to your specific measurements and even have your sponsor graphics, rider name and numbers added. All WORLD WEAR Pro Racer suits are handmade, by master craftsmen and imported. This highly specialized production facility allows it to produce high quality riding suits, jackets, pants and gloves to a distinct market of riders looking for unique riding gear with the highest sense of style, comfort and technical protection.


It takes a little effort and work to order a custom suit but it's well worth it. Racing or even sport riding with a suit custom fitted to your size specifications, right down to the last centimeter and using the latest European race suit tailor techniques, is something that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.


Lead times for custom suits are 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and the time of the season.


Contact us at any time to discuss your custom made to measure WORLD WEAR suit. You won't regret owning a suit that is custom tailored to fit your unique body measurements using the finest materials available.



THE WORLD WEAR APPROVED RACE SUIT, NOT JUST SIMPLE IDEAS BUT TRUE INNOVATION FOR RIDER PROTECTION. Rider safety has been the core focus of WORLD WEAR for many years, with their made-to-measure production of leather suits, the most critical aspect of rider protection.

This important outcome, based on innovation in new materials, new ergonomic studies and many technical features, has also resulted in the development and introduction of a new elastic fabric developed and patented and used exclusively in the suit.



v  Cow leather (1.2 mm - 1.3 mm)

v  G-nforced™ stretch panels

v  Ergonomic one-piece race cut

v  CE EN 1621-1 body armor on shoulders, elbows, knees and hips

v  Additional memory foam protection on legs and body

v  Elasticated leather panels on shoulders, back and knees

v  New 3D™ inner liner with stretch panels

v  Aerodynamic hump

v  Removable knee sliders



v  On Measure (made-to-measure, custom fit, personalized colors, logos, sponsors)

v  Kangaroo hide

v  Perforated version

v  Removable inner liner

v  Race Team design service


Custom Leather Motorcycle Race Suits:

WORLD WEAR Custom Racing Suits are designed for optimum performance as well as reflecting your personal style. WORLD WEAR Custom Leathers come in one and two piece versions, they are cut and built for a great fit and freedom of movement while riding and at the same time provide maximum protection. The critical seams are triple and quadruple stitched to assure your WORLD WEAR racing suit will hold up to the demands you will place on it. WORLD WEAR Leathers are built with CE conforming armor to provide the protection you demand. Molded to fit, the armor in our suits will not sacrifice the comfort of the suit and with the handcrafting that goes into our suits, we know you will be pleased with your racing suit.


These are only a few of the features and benefits of an WORLD WEAR one piece custom made leather motorcycle road racing suit. Please contact WORLD WEAR for more information. Illustrations, photographs, technical drawings and more can be emailed to you. Please call us from 9 am to 6 pm ET at (718)-619-8544. You may also email